12 Week Fat Loss Challenge – Week 10 Update

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Hello! It’s Sunday again and the start of Week 10 has rolled around so quickly. That means there’s 3 weeks to go, and I’m feeling pretty good about that. This has been a great week – possibly my best, because of where my head space has been as much as what I actually ate or how my workouts went.

Last weekend finished with me in a spin about how much sugar I had eaten over the weekend and I went into the usual spiral of self-hate. And physically, I felt like total rubbish. I had a dull headache through until about Tuesday. But I had a great personal training session on Monday night, and by Wednesday morning I was feeling fit and feisty again and my clothes were fitting nicely. So I didn’t feel like I’d done any serious damage from the sugar binge and I was back to where I had been by the middle of the week before. However, clearly that’s not the point of a challenge like this – to just maintain. I’m pitching for incremental change each week, so the weekend blowouts can’t happen.

Each day of the week that’s just gone, my eating has been right on target. I varied from the plan because that’s life (a lunch catch up with a friend on Thursday for example – we had Japanese) but I had a lot of spare calories left at the end of each day and I had no desire to ‘eat them back’. I also had no sugar at all Monday through Thursday and I felt great for it. I barely thought about it actually which is exactly how I believe most of us would like to be about these problem foods – just not even thinking about them.

On Friday I was exceptionally tired from a poor night’s sleep, and I bought a piece of hedgehog slice (that’s what we call it in Australia – basically a combination of crushed up biscuits, sugar, butter, LOTS of cocoa) from the cafe downstairs at my work, and it was so sickly sweet I really didn’t enjoy it at all and had trouble finishing it. That felt like a little victory to me. I like to believe that every time I succumb to sugar and don’t enjoy it, I’m contributing ever so slightly towards the task of reprogramming the thought processes that “sugar = happy”.

The overriding key to the success of this week has been that my day job has kept me busy and stimulated, so I’ve not had any cause to eat out of boredom or dissatisfaction or angst. It’s been stressful at times, but I didn’t reach for food because of that. My mind was busy elsewhere. I think my menu plan was good too – a yummy and nutritionally balanced combination of food that didn’t leave me wanting more.

Exercise-wise, I had a PT session on Monday night, then on Tuesday night I did a Fitness Blender Youtube workout at home because I had a bit of a sore throat and didn’t want to go to the gym. Wednesday I did a lot of walking but no actual workout. Thursday night I went to the gym and did a whole body weight workout followed by some interval training on the exercise bike. On Friday night my exercise was dancing – which I think is actually the perfect way to end the week. There’s been no targeted exercise this weekend as I’ve been plenty active socialising and running errands. That’s ok though, because next weekend I’m going hiking!!

So, the plan for this coming week is to try to clone the week that just was. My eating plan will be almost exactly the same, as follows:

Breakfast: egg, fetta and spinach scramble with sweet potato
Lunch: my new favourite asian coleslaw with smoked chicken
Dinner: Some combination of steak and veggies, although I have a hankering for salmon so will try to work that in somewhere too.
Snacks will include an Atkins protein bar, almonds and cottage cheese with carrot sticks.

My PT session has been moved to Tuesday lunchtime instead of Monday night. So Monday night I’ll go to the gym, and aim for the same on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I feel like I’ve lost a bit of form in things I used to be quite good at, like push ups. So instead of a targeted ‘back’, ‘chest’ routine, etc – I’ll be googling for new exercises I can incorporate into a ‘whole body’ routine, circuit training style. I find those more fun anyway.

Last week I was supposed to weigh and measure myself, but I decided not to because I was feeling so good, I didn’t want those results to detract from my mood. I was happy enough with what I saw in the mirror, and how my clothes were fitting. So I think I’ll hold off on any more stats until the whole thing is finished. When I say ‘finished’ though, obviously I mean the official 12 Week Challenge. I’ve actually got no intention of varying my eating habits or my exercise routine from what they’ve been the last few weeks.

If you’re new to G.I. Gen and want to catch up on the previous 12 Week Challenge posts (or just find out what the heck it is!) you can find them here.

So that’s enough about me – how about you? Feel free to pop a comment in below about what your goals are for the week. I would love to hear them!



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