12 Week Fat Loss Challenge – Week 11 Update

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This will only be a quick update tonight because I’ve just come home from a full day of hiking and I’m pretty tired!

This has been another good week, although I didn’t get as much exercise done as I’d wanted to. Monday night I was at my gym instead of my PT session because my PT was away, and I did a Body Pump class which I always enjoy. I don’t get much chance usually to use a barbell because I’m there during peak hour and can’t be bothered having to fight to get access to the free weights, so I made sure to make good use of the opportunity in the Pump class and load the bar up quite heavily for squats.

I also got to the gym Wednesday night which was great, but then that was it for the week as I’ve had a blocked ear and was feeling quite woozy and dizzy for the rest of the week. I also had a very sociable weekend, with a lunchtime bbq at my work on Friday, dinner with a friend on Friday night, then a Christmas-in-July party on Saturday night which all meant lots of yummy food on offer. I didn’t do too badly, but I also didn’t really try and restrict myself from anything. So although I ate well for most of the week, and I got two gym sessions in, I doubt it was enough to have made much of a dent in my fat loss endeavours.

Emotionally though, it was a great week. Another one where I had so many other positive things filling up my brain space that I didn’t find myself stressing or fretting about my weight, my eating or my body image. In fact, the last couple of weeks I’ve felt much better about what I see when I look in the mirror, even though none of the ‘stats’ of what I’m looking at are likely to have changed. Just goes to show that self-perception is almost entirely in our own heads 🙂

Having said that, this week I want to retain those positive feelings but also step it back up, with at least 3 gym sessions in addition to my PT session, and stay under my calorie goal 6 days out of 7 instead of 5.

My eating plan is deliberately extra yummy this week to help make sure I’m not tempted to stray. It’ll look something like this…

Breakfast: the usual egg, fetta and spinach scramble
Lunch: Japanese beef curry with carrot, celery and rolled oats to pad it out a bit
Dinner: Lemon-infused chicken breast (a fancy way of saying it’s cooked in foil in the oven with lemon slices on top), and stir-fried leek, spinach and broccoli.
Snacks will include the usual protein bar and almonds, and a slice of cheese before bed. The daily intake should be about 1500 calories, with 20% carbs.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned, so please drop a comment below and let us know!

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