12 Week Fat Loss Challenge – Week 2 Update

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The 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge Week 2 starts today! It’s going to be a bit of a messy one, because like the genius I am, I decided to start the challenge last week even though I knew I would be away the first couple of days of this week and relying on eating out and hotel buffet breakfasts *gulp*.

So today and tomorrow will be out of routine, but Wednesday it’s straight back into it with a vengeance.

Before outlining the Week 2 plan, here’s the review of how Week 1 went:

12 Week Fat Loss Challenge Week 1 in Review


Overall I was pretty happy with how I ate this week. I stuck strictly to my plan Monday – Thursday, and came in with around 300 calories to spare each day (based on my estimated total burns according to Fitbit and my gym workouts combined), and kept my carbs to 16/17%.

I didn’t feel really hungry at any point and most encouragingly had no hypoglycaemic episodes. Often when I get to the gym at about 5.30 my afternoon snack is already starting to wear off and I start to struggle halfway through my workout with low blood sugar.

Most days I ate more fat than protein, and I would like to flip this the other way around. Although I know I’m eating mostly good fats, I still need to concentrate on eating lean sources of protein, swapping out my beloved salmon and nuts on some days for steak or turkey.

F*ck-it-Friday night’s splurge was a thin based pizza with a couple of drinks, and it was ok but honestly didn’t rock my world. Perhaps I’d looked forward to it too much and it could never hope to be as good as I had anticipated!

Saturday and Sunday I stayed under my calorie limit both days (only just) but my macros were a bit off, an average of 30% carbs each day – twice as much as during the week.


I got the 4 workouts in that I had in hoped, plus one more. Monday night was an all-over PT session (to replace one we’d had to miss from the week before), which of course wrecked me as they always do.

Tuesday night was a combined back and chest workout, with some interval treadmill sprints at the end. I was thrilled with the sprints because this was the first time I’ve run in more than 2 months due to an ongoing hip injury I’ve been getting treatment before. The Osteopath believes the injury – which felt like bone grinding on bone but wasn’t – is a combination of a weak right glute and a shortened right hip flexor. So I’ve had weeks of exercises and stretches to do, and will continue to work on building up that glute and going gently on high impact exercise like running. This week he said I was finally ok to start running again, but not for more than a minute or so at a time.

I was so nervous! Injuries as anyone knows can be so debilitating, and when I originally hurt my hip the pain was so intense I was very keen to avoid that happening again. So on Tuesday I walked on the treadmill for a few minutes before I dared quicken the pace, but when I did it felt great and I really enjoyed that sense of complete and utter exhaustion I get from sprints and don’t often get anymore from other types of cardio.

Despite foam rolling like a boss when I got home Tuesday night I did pull up really sore in the glutes on Wednesday, so decided to do a modified leg workout on Wednesday night. I didn’t get far into it though before feeling like a horse had kicked me in the right butt cheek so I went home pretty discouraged thinking I’d set my recovery back by a few more weeks. The Osteo set me right again on Thursday though, and after rest days on Thursday and Friday I was raring to go for Saturday’s PT session.

Saturday’s PT session was intense, as usual. In 45 minutes we smashed chest, legs and back, and I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling around like an old woman – the old woman I DON’T want to be, and ergo the reason I’m putting myself through this now! Sunday I wanted to get the blood pumping back through my sore muscles, so headed out to do the Thousand Steps track, which Melbournites know is a real physical challenge, and it attracts thousands of fitties each weekend, and the unfit-but-adventurous wanting to push themselves. The last time I did the Thousand Steps, I was still quite overweight and very unfit, and while I made it up, I had to stop several times for a breather. I was really curious to see how I would go this time.

Summary: it took 25 minutes – I ran halfway up (running the whole way just isn’t feasible due to the track being narrow, muddy and over-crowded) and all the way back down. I was completely rooted, but pleased I didn’t let myself down!

So, that’s Week 1 done and dusted. Now for Week 2.

12 Week Fat Loss Challenge Week 2 Plan

This week as I mentioned is going to be a bit messy but I still expect to get 4 strength workouts in, and after Wednesday stick to my food plan, which goes as follows:

Breakfast: The same as last week – egg, egg white, fetta and spinach scrambled in the microwave. Nutritionally this works really well for me.

Lunch: sliced turkey, cheese, avocado and cucumber wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaves. Nom nom!

Dinner: 200gm rump steak stirfried with a pile of low-carb veggies (mushrooms, celery, fennel, brocolli and capsicum) with satay sauce.

Snacks: two coffees, cottage cheese and carrot sticks, a small handful of mixed nuts and an Atkins protein bar. I’ll have enough calories left over at the end of the day for some Greek yoghurt if I think I need.

This plan will bring me in under 1600 calories each day and the macro split will be exactly how I want it: 15% carbs, 38% fat and 47% protein.

Friday night I’m having dinner with friends, who cook beautiful food, and I’ll allow myself the dessert, then Saturday and Sunday I’ll be able to make a more focused effort to keep the carbs down.

Today (Monday) I’m planning to use the gym at the hotel I’ll be staying at tonight to do a modified back routine (the best I can do with whatever equipment is there, which I haven’t checked out yet), then tomorrow I’ll be back into my usual gym for either chest or legs, depending on what I feel like doing, leg or chest on Wednesday, then two rest days before Saturday’s PT session. Sunday I might do a hike – one of my favourite ways to get weekend exercise.

I’m pumped for this weekend. Although the week will be a bit disrupted I still feel like I’m on track to achieve my goals, and generally feel a bit lighter and a bit leaner each day.

To find out more about what the 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge entails, you can read the original blog post here. And stay tuned for weekly updates 🙂


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