12 Week Fat Loss Challenge – Week 3 Update



Week 2 Review

Well, Week 2 was fairly underwhelming, fair to say. Or, it could be described as a total fizzer (I figured the above image was appropriate given how this week has gone!). There were a combination of reasons – socialising with a friend who was leaving the country Monday and Tuesday, then a head cold which struck mid-week and sent me to bed for Wednesday. I was still feeling decidedly average Thursday and Friday, and had other commitments, so in the end I didn’t go to the gym all week. Shocking really, considering I am in the middle of a 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge! Non-gym going really isn’t an option, but the circumstances were exceptional, so I’ll forgive myself for it. Eventually.

My diet also didn’t go quite according to plan, due to both the socialising and the head cold. Annoyingly, I find that when I’m unwell, my taste buds go a little funky, and although I forced myself to eat the planned turkey, cheese and avocado lettuce wraps for lunch on Wednesday, the thought of eating them again on Thursday made my stomach feel nauseous. I adapted my plan for each day by just adding a little bit more carbohydrate in. Thursday I put the turkey and cheese inside one piece of wholegrain bread and grilled it, and Friday I bought myself a piece of spanikopita for lunch – ricotta and spinach inside pastry. Yum.

So my eating wasn’t terrible by any means, BUT as I explained in the original 12 Week Challenge post, focussing now on trying to get this body fat percentage down means being just that bit more strict on carb intake. Having a calorie deficit isn’t enough as I risk the ‘weight loss’ being partly muscle.

It’s tempting to just write the week off and pretend this week coming is Week 2, but in a way I think it’s useful that it happened early on in the challenge because

a) now I’m even more motivated to make the next week, and the 9 after that really count;

b) These days I really can’t relax my diet for more than a few days before starting to feel pretty crap – full, heavy, headachey, bloated, etc. So I’m looking forward to feeling much better again, and soon. Only a day or two of being back to my low-carb eating makes a big difference to how I feel. And,

c) No gym all week means no eye candy (no offence to my friends and colleagues). Need I say more? 😉

Week 3 Plan

So, Week 3’s plan looks something like this:



Breakfast: my usual fetta, egg and spinach scramble

Lunch: tuna, lettuce, tomato, and olive salad (except for Monday when we have a work lunch arranged, but I chose the restaurant and have pre-studied the menu 😉 )

Dinner: Monday and Tuesday, possibly Wednesday will be my Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken, with brocolli and silverbeet. Not sure yet on what dinner for the rest of the week will entail. Possibly bolognaise sauce with zucchini spaghetti.

Snacks: nuts, an Atkins protein bar, cottage cheese with cucumber sticks and a couple of slices of cheese before bed if I need it.

Estimated daily calories will be about 1480, and the macronutrient split is 16% carbs, 42% fat and 42% protein.



Monday: back and arms, with 10 minutes HIIT cardio on the end.

Tuesday: Leg day (ouch!)

Wednesday: Chest and triceps with some cardio

Thursday: Either a rest day or I may go for a light run or do a gym class with a friend.

Friday: rest

Saturday: Personal training session

Sunday: Hopefully a hike. Hiking is just about my most favourite hobby in the entire world. I plan to blog about it soon.

So that’s the plan. I’m feeling motivated and quite sure I can pull this off. Just eating better this weekend has reinvigorated me. Quite honestly, once you get used to low-carb eating, it’s near on impossible to go back to the ‘old normal’ style of eating for more than a couple of days without feeling like rubbish.

I can do this! And I will. My biggest challenge is the socialising and just having a bit less control than usual over my food choices when I’m eating out, but it IS possible if I’m vigilant and keep my eye on the prize of 26% body fat. Bring. It. On.


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