The magic formula for a perfect salad

A friend asked me recently how I manage to make such yummy looking salads, and I told him the formula is simple, so I thought I would provide it here. Here’s my magic formula for a perfect salad. It’s foolproof!


magic formula for a perfect salad


Some of my favourite combinations include:


Spinach + sweet potato + stone fruit + fetta cheese + pine nuts + olive oil

Spinach + couscous + tomato + smoked salmon + avocado

Spinach + chicken + pumpkin + walnuts + tomato + olive oil

Spinach + wild rice + tuna + currants + slivered almonds + olive oil


Pop a comment in below and tell us what your favourites are!


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      Hey Piper, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I’m personally a real fan of the Paleo diet although I stop short of fully subscribing to it because I loathe the thought of giving up dairy. And I confess I haven’t paid too much attention to the Pete Evans’ controversy although I’m vaguely familiar with it, and him. I’ll have to look further into it!


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